Life Insurance
Term Life, Whole Life, Universal Life, Equity‐Indexed Life – whatever the type of coverage that best fits your life insurance needs, the most important step in the process is getting your policy issued at the best underwriting rating class. Our knowledge of the markets and our Discrete Underwriting® process always get you the best results.

Estate Planning
Proper planning is crucial. The latest changes in tax law have increased estate exemptions to $5 Million ($10 Million per couple) and set graduated taxes up to 35% on estates exceeding these amounts. The key, however, is this arrangement is set to expire in two years and could be changed prior to that.

We will work alongside other professional advisors to design optimal solutions for your estate planning situation, including the appropriate design of life insurance contracts to obtain maximum leverage at the most economical cost.

Often, Survivorship Life Insurance, one contract covering two individuals, is an excellent economical solution for estate liquidity.

Business Succession Planning
Plan properly and assure the orderly transition of family and closely‐held businesses while minimizing taxation and avoid “disinheriting” family members who are not involved in the business.

Supplemental Executive Compensation Programs
In recent economically challenging times, attracting and retaining talented corporate leaders has become more vitally important than ever. Supplemental executive retirement plans (SERP’s), Controlled Executive Bonus Arrangements and other techniques, with proper design, can solve these challenges.

Tax‐favored Life Insurance and Retirement Solutions for Business Owners
Innovative arrangements can provide tax‐favored life insurance coverage and tax‐free retirement income, all in one plan.

Financed Life Insurance Premiums
Sometimes, following the real estate investor’s mantra of using “other people’s money” is wise when estates and businesses require large amounts of life insurance. Financing life insurance premiums minimizes the impact on cash flow and can assist in estate planning when the annual gift tax exclusion would cause problems. Funds for premium financing programs, while scarce for some time, are again available.

Underwriting for Athletes, Entertainers and High-Risk Occupations
JKCO’s unique underwriting techniques provide a seamless process that assures the best pricing and structure for life insurance coverage owned or arranged by teams, agents, players, actors, producers and trusts.

High limits of coverage, specialty programs and streamlined underwriting all help create a comfortable, no‐hassle experience for our clients.

JKCO’s “Discrete Underwriting”®
Our unique underwriting process that takes the stress and angst out of today’s more stringent underwriting procedures. It assures our clients of the very best pricing with no surprises, minimal screening and no hassle.

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Latest Miracle Cases
55 year old male
History of Prostate Cancer
DUI conviction within 2 years

$3,000,000 Issued at standard rates

60 year old male
History of Prostate Cancer
History of Melanoma
Heart bundle branch block

$5,000,000 Issued at standard rates